30 points,What is the best example of controlling a fixed variable cost?setting a thermostatusing a fireplace instead of an electric heaterdetermining when “off-peak” hours at the electric company are and only doing your laundry during that timeall of the aboveWhat is an example of a fixed variable cost?gym membership duescar paymentrentutility billWhat is the best definition of a fixed variable cost?expense that you must pay each month but the amount can differan expense that is optional, but the amount changes each monthan expense that is optional, but the amount stays the same each monthexpense that you must pay and is the same amount each monthWhen is the best time to go to the grocery store so you can spend the least amount of money?on a full stomachon a day where there are lots of salesboth on a full stomach and when there are a lot of salesnone of the aboveWhat should be considered a fixed payment in your budget?gas pricesmedical billsstudent loansemergency car repairsWhat is the best way to control expenses?putting all purchases on a credit cardsetting and sticking to a budgetbuying things that you really likenot buying items on saleWhich option is the best example of a financial emergency?Sally just has to have the newest video game system.Sally buys a new dress for her cousin’s wedding.Sally has to have emergency surgery and will need to pay extra hospital fees.Sally really wants to see a new movie the day it comes out and she isn’t sure if she has enough money in her bank account to pay for it.Item 8Which option can be considered NOT preparing for a financial emergency?living in a modest housecreating a budgettrying to pay down credit card debtcarrying high balances on credit cardItem 9Which option is NOT an example of a financial emergency?buying a gift for your best friend’s birthdaycar repairmedical bill from the emergency roomlosing your jobItem 10Larry and his wife are planning to take a vacation.Which payment option would you recommend?pay cash for their vacationput the vacation on their credit card but pay the bill in full each monthuse a debit card for their vacationall of the above

Accepted Solution

the answer is c ............................